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This position will work with Chawathil First Nation, Peters First Nation, Union Bar First Nation, Spuzzum First Nation, Yale First Nation, Boston Bar First Nation, Boothroyd First Nation, and Shxw’Ow’Hamel First Nation. The Trauma Counsellor will work with designated Health Leads/Health Directors in each First Nation community in regards to case management and community related challenges. All positions will report to Yale First Nation for admin and human resource (HR) related issues. The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) Mental Wellness Team will provide clinical support to positions are required. FNHA will oversee work and be available to each First Nation community for concerns and updates and will reevaluate work as required. This position provides comprehensive clinical counselling and therapy on complex voluntary clients and families, including youths and adults with, and affected by, problematic substance use or addictions, complex trauma, and mental health concerns. Click here for a full job description.

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