The Chilliwack CYC created the Every Door is the Right Door (EDRD) training in 2014, as one of our initiatives to enhance cross agency awareness, relationship, and coordination amongst Chilliwack’s social service professionals, outlining our goal of enhancing client service/experience. Over 800 local professionals have participated in the EDRD training.

The training is an opportunity for new and existing service providers to learn about services available to children, youth, and their families in Chilliwack. The training is run through a simulation exercise, where participants are guided through case studies and given the opportunity to ‘walk’ in the footsteps of an individual navigating services in Chilliwack. This educational experience demonstrates to the participants the importance of treating clients with compassion, respect, and kindness to ensure that nobody falls through the cracks. Additionally, it expands and fosters participants’ understanding of local resources and the role they can play in ensuring no matter which agency door a client may knock on, they will be directed to the services that best meet their needs. EDRD training emphasizes the role we can each play in our community to make it the best place to live for everyone.

The EDRD training has been facilitated by various local professionals, currently the Chilliwack Youth Health Centre Society has partnered with the CYC to train and mentor university Diploma, Bachelor, and Master’s internship students to facilitate two trainings a year, in the Spring and Fall. Capacity is 50 participants for in-person sessions. This training has been adapted to be provided online, however, it is a more rich experience to do in-person.

For more information, please contact Kate Healey, CYC Co-Chair at

See the brochure here.

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