There are two distinct systems when exploring adoptions in BC. The first is through the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD), involving children who are in government care. Although some children in the continuing care of MCFD are infants, most are older children who may have some form of special need. These children may be part of a sibling group that needs to be placed together, or they may have health and behavioural concerns and difficulties.

Pre and post adoption services for children adopted through MCFD are delivered by the Adoptive Families Association of British Columbia (AFABC). The staff at AFABC are available to communities throughout the province to share their considerable knowledge and experience with adoption. To explore the wide range of services and programs offered, visit the AFABC web site.

The second system for adoption in BC is through licensed adoption agencies. Agencies place children not in the care of MCFD, through inter-country or domestic adoption. There are four licensed adoption agencies in BC that work with communities across the province and offer a variety of services. Click here for a complete list of agencies and contact information.

Every waiting child needs a stable, loving, and nurturing home.

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