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2011 Census and National Household Survey Highlights

5 Myths About Infant Screen Time

Anti-Depressants for Children
A study published in the Lancet which concludes that “the risk–benefit profile of antidepressants in the acute treatment of depression does ‘not seem to offer a clear advantage for children and adolescents.'”

BC Council for Families has a series of printable fact sheets, including fun activities to do with your children

Change in Preschoolers’ Health-Related Quality of Life Following the Implementation of a Childcare Physical Activity Intervention
Impact study of the Supporting Physical Activity in the Childcare Environment intervention on preschoolers’ HRQOL

Children’s mental health: Is poverty the diagnosis?
“Some of the concerns seen by childhood health professionals may not be diagnosable psychiatric conditions, but emotional and behavioral responses to family financial insecurity.”

Chilliwack Child Development Guide
Early years parenting tips and resources in one document

Chilliwack’s Family Resource Guidea printable booklet of local support programs

Early Development Instrument Results Chilliwack 2016

Empowering the Future: Best Evidence for Investing in Early Childhood Education in Canada

Exploring the Contexts for Early Learning: Challenging the school readiness agenda
Introduces readers to a body of evidence which demonstrates that young children need opportunities to learn and develop in environments that support their emotional and cognitive needs, offering opportunities to develop autonomy, competence and self-regulation skills

Helping Children With Anxiety (Children’s Mental Health Research Quarterly magazine)

Homework Doesn’t Benefit Young Children
BC Council for Families article

How Poverty Influences a Child’s Brain Development

(Live 5-2-1-0) Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers: Setting the stage for a Live 5-2-1-0 Child
(Live 5-2-1-0) Raising an active child – birth to 12 months
(Live 5-2-1-0) Raising a healthy eater – birth to 12 months
(Live 5-2-1-0) Raising an active child – 1 to 4 years
(Live 5-2-1-0) Raising a healthy eater – 1 to 4 years

Participaction Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth
Canadian kids are inactive and they may be losing sleep over it

Poor kids who go to daycare may later do better in school

Sleep Curriculum and Video Links

The Decline of Play and the Rise of Psychopathology in Children and Adolescents
An article by Dr. John Gray

Too Much Screen Time is Harming Children’s Literacy Skills

Unplug and Connect to Nature

Unplug and Connect to People

Aboriginal Children & Families

Ages & Stages Questionnaires: Cultural Adaptations Guidelines for Aboriginal Communities

5 Ways Education Could Produce a Brighter Future for Indigenous Children
Leading thinkers see need for access to public services and creation of safe spaces in schools

Children With Special Needs

Home Remodeling for People with Disabilities: What You Need to Know (Source:

Neurology and Neurodevelopmental Impact of Childhood Traumatic Stress and Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

Mental Health

Family-Based Integration

Girls in Custody in the Province of BC: Programming, Policy, Training, and Development Recommendations

In the Best Interests of the Child: Strategies for Recognizing and Supporting Canada’s At-Risk Population of Children with Incarcerated Parents

One Day at a Time: Writings by family members, for family members

One Step at a Time: Reshaping life following crime within the family

Raising a Family Member’s Children

Resource Sheet Promoting Resiliency among Children with Justice Involved Parents
The pdf offers several great resources for families of and professionals working with children with incarcerated parents.

Safeguarding Children of Arrested Parents

Strategic Approach and Policy Document to Address the Needs of Families of Offenders

Telling the Children – How to Talk to Children about a Loved One’s Incarceration

The Case for a Better Response to Parental Addiction

Time Together: A survival guide for families and friends visiting in Canadian federal prisons

Time’s up: A reintegration toolkit for families

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