Children in Between

Ann Davis Society provides support, education and advocacy for parents and children 6-14 caught in the middle of parental relationship breakdown or divorce.

Contact Ann Davis Transition Society for dates and times, 604-792-2760 or

Chilliwack Youth Health Centre

The Chilliwack Youth Health Centre has two sites dedicated to wellness for youth and young adults ages 12-26 years. You don’t need a referral, it’s free, confidential, and you can drop-in. Teams of service providers can address your medical and mental health needs. Come see us for anything from acne to sexual health to counselling for issues related to anxiety, depression, substance use, gender identity, family conflict, peer conflict, and school and life planning. Both sites run Tuesday afternoons with counsellors and a family doctor on site.

Additionally, we have access to two specialists, one at each site. With a family doctor also on site, direct referrals can be made to the Pediatrician or Psychiatrist (that means a youth might walk in and see a specialist in the same day!)

  • Neighbourhood Learning Centre: A Pediatrician is on site every Tuesday from 3-6pm. She specializes in behavioral intervention, school integration, anxiety and depression, and coping skills.
  • Stó:lo Wellness Centre: A Psychiatrist, who will see patients up to age 26, is on site every two weeks from 3-6pm. He specializes in complex youth and young adults which could include those that are bipolar, schizophrenic, and/or have severe OCD, and likely require medication.

For the most up to date information, check out our website at or Facebook at

Location: Neighbourhood Learning Centre (attached to Chilliwack Senior Secondary)
Date and Time: Every Tuesday from 1-7pm
Providers on site: Counsellors, Family Doctor (4-6pm), Pediatrician (3-6pm)
Phone: 604-819-4603

Location: Stó:lo Wellness Centre
Address: 7201 Vedder Rd, Chilliwack, V2R 4G5
Date: Every Tuesday from 2-5pm
Providers on site: Counsellors, Family Doctor, Psychiatrist (every 2nd week)
Phone: 1-844-827-2473

Cyrus Centre

Cyrus Centre responds to youth, age 18 and under, living in crisis, whose lives have become fractured. At the centre, youth have access to food, shelter, clothing, showers and laundry facilities, a telephone, computer and employment coaching. Thousands of meals are served each year.

Provides showers, laundry, food services, clothing, a dedicated youth phone, mailing address, one-to-one counselling, help getting off the streets, life skills development, advocacy and referrals, housing assistance and family support. Also provides homeless youth, 18 and under, with a temporary, safe place to stay while working toward a long-term solution. Open referrals, 7 days a week.

Contact the Cyrus Centre at 604-859-5773.

Family Therapist

Palliative and bereavement support for children, teens and their families.

For more information contact Chilliwack Hospice Society at 604-795-4660 or

Restorative Justice & Youth Advocacy

“A Community Organization Focused on Restorative Solutions” – Chilliwack Restorative Justice & Youth Advocacy has been very successful at connecting Youth & Adults with their community, providing mentorship and a forum to pay back through community service hours, apologies and payment to the victim. They emphasize respect, accountability and inclusiveness with a focus on healing.

For more information contact or 604-393-3023.

Sexual Assault Intervention

Support advocacy and assessment services to children and their families after an initial disclosure. Short-term counselling may be provided until long-term counselling can be put in place. For sexually abused children and non-offending family members. By appointment, 45938 Wellington Avenue.

For more information contact Janice Cywinski at 604-792-4267.

The Legal Advocacy Program

Offers information on a variety of legal issues, as well as support and resource referrals for clients dealing with legal problems. The program provides legal advocacy appointments that are free and confidential. Clients can access information on:

  • Help to deal with B.C. Income Assistance issues
  • How to apply for Federal (CPP) and Provincial (PWDB) disability benefits, and how to appeal or seek a review of decisions
  • Tenant rights and responsibilities under the Residential Tenancy Act
  • Residential Tenancy dispute resolution forms and processes
  • Understanding your rights regarding legal protection against Family Violence
  • Family Law Issues and free or low cost legal resources
  • Family Law Protection Orders/Peace Bonds
  • Options for dispute resolution of family law problems
  • Accessing court resources and court forms
  • Debt and bankruptcy

Contact Ann Davis Transition Society at 604-792-2760 or to make an appointment.


Teenagers often struggle to find a safe place to process through the emotions surrounding divorce. That’s the reason for Unstoppable. It’s a special ten-week faith-based program with the vision of helping teens work through the bonds of separation and divorce.

For more information or to register visit their website or contact City Life Centre at 604-792-0694 or

Youth & Family Counseling

Clinical Therapy for youth and their families, addressing parent/teen conflict, relationship challenges, self-esteem issues, childhood trauma, or other youth related counseling matters. Referrals to Child and Youth Mental Health for diagnosed mental health conditions or assessment, and Chilliwack Addiction & Prevention Services for addiction related services. By appointment only, Wednesday and Thursday.

Provides outreach services to youth ages 12 to 18 who are homeless, street involved, or at risk of becoming so; including possible sex trade involvement. Offers support and advocacy, helping youth to choose a healthier, safer lifestyle and reconnect with their families, schools, and communities. Services include help accessing shelter, food, and other community resources or services; working towards developing long term stability. Funded by MCFD.

Contact Chilliwack Community Services at 8937 School St, 604-792-6632 Ext 109

Youth Reconnect

Reaching out to youth in Chilliwack who are or may be in danger of becoming street involved. This program works toward stabilizing youth, ages 13 to 18, in housing and ensures basic subsistence needs are being met. Monday to Friday, on call evenings and weekends. Referrals from self families, community and MCFD. 8937 School Street.

For more information call 604-792-6632.

Youth Support

Working with vulnerable or at-risk youth to provide one-to-one support, make referrals and develop life skills to achieve personal goals. This program assists youth ages 13 to 18 in moving towards independence. Monday to Friday, 8937 School Street. Referrals from self, families, community and Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD).

For more information call 604-792-6632.